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April 10, 2017
Fincantieri launches bow-section of Italian Navy Vulcano-class LSS

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri launched the bow section of Italian Navy’s new logistic support ship in a March 10 ceremony in Riva Trigoso, Italy.

Work on the ship started in February, 2016, while a keel laying ceremony was held six month later, in July.

The new Vulcano-class logistic support ship is built under the Navy’s fleet renewal plan and is replacing the old Stromboli-class fleet replenishment oilers that have been in service with the Italian Navy for 42 years.

The Italian fleet renewal plan is a €3.5 billion project that includes six patrol vessels, with four more in option, and one logistic support unit. Fincantieri and Finmeccanica are the main contractors where Fincantieri’s share amounts to approx. €2.3 billion while Finmeccanica will receive the remaining €1.2 billion.

Future ITS Vulcano (hull number: 6259) will be a 179-meter ship featuring hospital and healthcare capabilities thanks to the presence of a fully equipped hospital, complete with operating rooms, radiology and analysis rooms, a dentist’s office and hospital rooms capable of hosting up to 12 seriously injured patients.

The ship is capable of combining capacity to transport and transfer to other transport vessels used for liquids (diesel fuel, jet fuel, fresh water) and solids (emergency spare parts, food and ammunitions) and to perform at sea repairs and maintenance work for other vessels.

Vulcano is scheduled to be delivered to the navy in 2019.

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