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May 27, 2013
EUROMARFOR Force Flagship NRP Álvares Cabral celebrates the Portuguese Navy`s Day

While alongside in Port Victoria, capital of Republic of Seychelles, Portuguese Frigate NRP Álvares Cabral held onboard a ceremony to celebrate the Navy Day on the 20th May, the same day Vasco da Gama arrived in Calicut, in 1498, achieving for the first time the maritime voyage from Europe to India. Addressing the crew, the Commanding Officer said: "In the best tradition of Portuguese Navy, it is now our privilege, to be here, in the navy day, working for the safety and free use of the sea and helping to deliver humanitarian aid to Somalia's people". NRP Álvares Cabral, one of the EUROMARFOR ships deployed in OPERATION ATALANTA, is a multipurpose Frigate with 116 meters long, crew of 188 and a helicopter Lynx onboard. She is being deployed for antipiracy for the second time and among other missions has 2 deployments in European Maritime Force, 2 in the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 and 5 in Standing Naval Force North Atlantic.

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