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December 07, 2015
Chinese Admiral Wu Manjiang visits ITS Carabiniere

On Monday 7 December 2015, Operation Atalanta’s Force Commander, Rear Admiral Barbieri, welcomed the Commander of the Chinese counter-piracy Escort Task Group 573, Rear Admiral Wu Manjiang, on board ITS Carabiniere.

Rear Admiral Manjiang was accompanied by Commander Wang Kai, the commanding officer of Escort Task Group 573’s flagship, CNS Liohzou.

Following a tour of the Italian warship, the visit concluded with a discussion on the European Union and Chinese Navy’s mutual fight against piracy, and the importance of coordinating naval activities in the piracy risk area.

Speaking about the visit by Rear Admiral Wu Manjiang to the EU Naval Force flagship, Rear Admiral Barbieri stated: “The continued tactical engagement between Operation Atalanta ships and the Chinese Escort Task Group is an example of where two key counter-piracy forces can successfully coordinate their efforts to ensure that the Indian Ocean remains a safe and secure environment.”

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