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January 02, 2016
Operation Atalanta’s Force Commander Visits Lithuanian Maritime Protection Team On Board WFP Vessel MSM Douro

On Saturday 2 January 2016, Operation Atalanta’s Force Commander, Rear Admiral Barbieri, visited the Lithuanian Maritime Protection team that is embarked on board the World Food Programme (WFP) vessel, MSM Douro.

The Force Commander was welcomed on board MSM Douro by the Lithuanian Officer in Command, Lieutenant Justinas Zukauskas, and shown the equipment which they use whilst tasked with protecting the WFP vessel.

Rear Admiral Barbieri also met the Captain of MSM Douro, who expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the security provided by EU Naval Force during their transits through the piracy high risk area.

Because of the close protection they receive at sea from EU Naval Force, no WFP ships have been attacked by pirates since the launch of Operation Atalanta in December 2009.

The current team will remain on board MSM Douro until April 2016.

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