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November 19, 2015
Opening ceremony of the Portuguese Navy Operational Year

The "Escola de Fuzileiros" (School of the Portuguese Marines) was the stage for the opening ceremony of the Operational Year, chaired by Chief of the General Staff of the Navy (CEMA), Admiral Luis Macieira Fragoso. On that day all the naval units were dressed and a military ceremony took place in the "Escola de Fuzileiros", which included the imposition of decorations and a final parade of the forces. 

This ceremony is one of the most significant ceremonies in the Portuguese Navy, it is when it stands out and highlights the work of women and men who serve Portugal at sea.

Of the many tasks and comprehensive character of missions that are annually assigned to the Navy, it contextualize the important presence at sea in 24 hours, every day of the week throughout the year. We can well attest to the readiness and availability of operational resources, whether military or those of public interest, with the following functional data of the previous year:

Milles done at sea - 352 405.52
Days in mission - 4668
Hours of navigation - 41 100 (590 immersion)
Search and Rescue actions - 1169
People saved - 830

Admiral CEMA (the Chief of the Navy) addressed a speech were he mentioned the effectiveness of the Navy at sea and recognized the work of those who contributed to this effort, with dedication and commitment.

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