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December 16, 2015
Farewell Nave Maestrale

On December 15th, Italian Navy decommissioned ITS Maestrale, the first ship of the eight, which compose the "Venti" class, following a renewal plan of the fleet.

After a 2 months trip around the Italian coast, calling the major harbours of the Country, involved in different dual use activities, the crew and the Commanding Officer CDR Giuseppe RIZZI hands the Italian Naval Flag to the Chief of the Navy, Admiral Giuseppe DE GIORGI. The Flag will be kept in the Vittoriano museum, in the famous Altare della Patria, in Rome.

During a ceremony in La Spezia Naval Base, with the presence of the Commander of EUROMARFOR Rear Admiral Filippo FOFFI, the Chief of Italian Navy underlined the importance of the sea for Italy and the necessity of substitute ITS Maestrale and other fifty ships, which will be withdrawal during the next decade.

The ship was launched in 1981 by Cantieri Navali Riuniti of Riva Trigoso (Genova) and commissioned on 18th February 1982. ITS Maestrale had been involved in the peace operation after the Gulf War, in the Adriatic Activities during the crisis of Former Yugoslavia, in the EU antipiracy Operation Atalanta and in the Italian Operation for the migrant flow control Mare Nostrum. From 1st October until 12th December 2005 ITS Maestrale was part of the EUROMARFOR task group in Operation Resolute Beaviour under the operation Enduring Freedom. During its life, it sailed for more than 600.000 nautical miles.

On behalf of EUROMARFOR community, it has been an honour to have ITS Maestrale under our Flag. 

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