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December 17, 2015
FGS Hamburg departs NATO after 6-month deployment

The German frigate FGS Hamburg will return to her homeport in Wilhelmshaven, Germany after spending six months as a NATO unit flagship on December 20.

Hamburg was flagship of the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2. The 200 men and women of the FGS Hamburg were commanded by Rear Admiral Jörg Klein, who was the commander of the standing group.

Commander Seniorgrade Steffen Lange, Commander of FGS Hamburg said: “A highlight of the deployment was the “Trident Juncture” in October.” “This exercise alone gathered over 35.000 soldiers from all NATO states”, he said.

After returning to her homeport, the FGS Hamburg will have sailed over 32.000 nautical miles, which is enough to circumnavigate the Earth 1.5 times.

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