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December 22, 2015
Italian Navy launches ITS Rizzo

On December 19 the Italian Navy launched a new multi-mission frigate Luigi Rizzo, in the frame of the FREMM project.

The ceremony took place in the shipyards of Riva Trigoso (Genova), in the presence of the President of the Liguria Regional Council, the Chief of the Italian Navy, ADM De Giorgi, and the Fincantieri Chief of Executive Officer.

Godmother of the ceremony was Maria Guglielmina, daughter of the Luigi Rizzo, who acted during the First World War (1915–1918), when he conducted several heroic raids as commander of torpedo boats (PT boat MAS) against ships of the Austo-Hungarian Navy. In particular, on December 10, 1917 he sank the battleship Wien inside the Trieste harbour, and on June 10, 1918 the battleships Szent Istvàn during the Premuda operation, day that is still celebrated in the Italian Navy.

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