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December 28, 2015
ITS Scirocco with the French Navy for GABIAN exercise

ITS Scirocco trains during the Gabian, one of the main exercises leaded by the French Navy. The exercise aims at training the ship's teams in a wide range of fields, from anti-craft warfare, to shooting with onboard cannons, to simple and complex anti-fire defence operations, to boarding suspect merchant cargoes; all to recreate operational scenarios where military units can be engaged.

Following an intense training last November for the crew members, and a call at Toulon port, ITS Scirocco has set sail for Lion Gulf, to join the flotilla led by the French amphibious ship Tonnerre (Mistral class) and her sister unit Dixmude, two La Fayette class frigates, several D'Estienne D'Orves class corvettes and other units.

The activities at sea, intense and at a strong pace, have also allowed to test the efficiency of the weapon systems onboard, especially during very realistic exercises with radio- controlled aerial targets used to assess the shooters precision.

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