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February 05, 2016
ITS Cavour conducts helicopter interoperability drills

Italian aircraft carrier, ITS Cavour, currently flagship of the EUNAVFOR MED operation Sophia, on February 3 carried out cross training with the Norwegian Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessel Siem Pilot using one of its embarked helicopters.

An Italian EH-101 helicopter took off from ITS Cavour testing the ability to hover on the bow deck of the Norwegian ship, and paved the way for future Vertical Replenishment “VERTREP” missions to evacuate casualties requiring particular treatment by using winch and stretcher.

Siem Pilot is one of the vessels involved in Operation TRITON, the border security mission conducted by FRONTEX. The 88-meter Siem Pilot is a diesel electric driven supply ship and pipe carrier. It is designed for the oil and gas industry and field supply & ROV duties, but now works with the European border security organization.

The training activity the two ships conducted displayed the level of cooperation between EUNAVFOR MED and TRITON, and the full interoperability of the two platforms, completely different in terms of capabilities, performance and operational employment.

Since the beginning of EUNAVFOR MED, the two missions have been operating together in the high seas off the Libyan coast.


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