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December 06, 2013 - April 06, 2014
OPERATION ATALANTA :: French Force Command

European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR) was activated on 6th December 2013 until 6th of April 2014 to contribute to Operation ATALANTA.

During this deployment Rear Admiral Herve BLEJEAN, from French Navy, was the Commander of the EMF Task Group in addition to being the EUNAVFOR Force Commander (CTF 465). The French ship FS SIROCO was the command and control unit of the force. The other ships of the force were:

- Italian frigate ITS LIBECCIO From 6th Deecember 2013 until 6th February 2014;

- Spanish offshore patrol vessel ESPS TORNADO From 6th Deecember 2013 until 13th March 2014;

- Spanish offshore patrol vessel ESPS RELAMPAGO after 13th March 2014 until 6th April 2014, relieving ESPS Tornado.

This is the second deployment of EUROMARFOR in ATALANTA Operation. The previous EUROMARFOR activation for the contribution to Operation ATALANTA was during the period 06 December 2011 to 06 August 2013, for twenty months.

EUROMARFOR nations sustained commitment to Operation ATALANTA demonstrates their cohesion and determination in the fight against piracy and armed robbery. This engagement in Operation ATALANTA contributes to the UN request and to EU efforts to build maritime security.

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