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May 12, 2014 - May 24, 2014
Italian MINEX14

The Italian Navy mine hunting exercise ITA MINEX 2014 took place from 12 to 24 of May 2014. Harbour protection against the terrorist threat and the security of the costal water were the main training fields.

This complex international exercise was planned and conducted by the Italian Mine Warfare and Auxiliary Forces Command with the participation of EUROMARFOR and NATO mine hunters. In total, 16 ships from 7 different Nations were involved in the Exercises. Moreover, observed from Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Algeria, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Montenegro attended to the exercise.

The exercise area located in the Ligurian Sea and the approaches of Marina Di Carrara and Viareggio harbors. As a result, the exercise area has been mapped and checked thoroughly by the underwater acoustic detections system available on board the mine-hunters.

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