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April 06, 2014
End of EUROMARFOR activation in Operation Atalanta
Earlier today, Sunday 6 April, Rear Admiral Herve Blejean French  Navy, handed over the Command of the EUNAVFOR Force in Operation Atalanta, to Rear Admiral Jürgen zur Mühlen German Navy, during a ceremony onboard FGS Brandenburg,  in the Port of Djibouti. Along with the French Command of the mentioned Force, the present activation of EUROMARFOR to contribute to this operation came also to an end.
During these past four months, there was only one confirmed attack on a merchant vessel within the Area of Operations, but the attack was repelled, suspected pirates were arrested and handed over to the Seychelles authorities to face prosecution. Thus, it has been over a year without any ship been hijacked by pirates.
Concerning the World Food Program, EUROMARFOR units succeeded in effectively protecting the participating merchant vessels, allowing a safely delivery of the aid to Somalia.
During this period, the EUROMARFOR continued to strengthen links not only with governments and armed forces of the countries in the area, but also with local seafarers. The assistance provided several times to the fishermen community aided to increase the mutual confidence.
After 24 months cumulated in ATALANTA since 2011, EUROMARFOR has demonstrated one more time its effective capabilities and potential to contribute to Real World Operation (RWO).  It has also been highlighted the cohesion and the willingness of EUROMARFOR nations (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain) to fulfill their commitments when needed and required, acting as a tool to EU's Diplomacy.

Change of Command Ceremony of Force Commander of EU Naval Force Rear Admiral Jürgen zur Mühlen (Left) assumes Force command of EU Naval Force from Rear Admiral Hervé Bléjean (Right). The Handover was presided over by Rear Admiral Bartolomé Bauzá the Deputy Operation Commander of Operation Atalanta (Centre).  The activation of EUROMARFOR, from 06DEC2013 to 06APR2014,  to contribute to Operation Atalanta, is accomplished and terminated.




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