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May 15, 2014
19th Anniversary of EUROMARFOR

Today EUROMARFOR is celebrating the 19th anniversary of its foundation. It was back on 15th of May 1995, when four Nations (France, Italy, Portugal and Spain) decided to create the EUROPEAN MARITIME FORCE (EUROMARFOR). The Force embodies, since its first activation, the commitment of these four nations in the establishment of a European common Security and Defense Identity.

During the last decades, in a fast changing world where defense organizations that ensured peace and prosperity for more than forty years were to adapt themselves to the new situation, Europe had to learn how to act alone. A renewed importance was given to the oldest post World War II defense alliance, the Western European Union (WEU), and steps were taken both to define the new post-cold war missions, and to identify the Forces necessary to carry them out. Therefore, four Nations (France, Italy, Portugal and Spain) decided to convey a strong message containing their commitment to a European Security and Defence Identity. One of the results of this commitment was the creation of EUROMARFOR.

Since then, EUROMARFOR participated in Real World Operations, such as Operations COHERENT BEHAVIOUR, RESOLUTE BEHAVIOUR, IMPARTIAL BEHAVIOUR and ATALANTA, crossing the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. The Force also participated in several exercises and activities annually carried out in cooperation with the southern countries of the Mediterranean Sea and with several other nations during EUROMARFOR Tours.

EUROMARFOR’ vision for the future is to keep on working side by side with other nations, by own initiative or under international organizations aegis, contributing for the peace and stability all over the world.

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