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May 16, 2014
Italian MINEX14 is underway

Italian MINEX14 is underway. The EUROMARFOR Task Group (TG), commanded by Commander (Spanish Navy) Antonio Manuel Couce CALVO, and composed of five mine-hunters, is at sea conducting exercises in a multi threat multinational scenario. For EUROMARFOR, the main objective of the exercise is to improve the ability of different assets to work together in different kind of situations, Mine Counter Measurement Operations, Seamanship, Asymmetric warfare.

The EUROMARFOR TG is composed by the ships: ESPS TURIA, ESPS DURO, FS CAPRICORNE, FS LYRE and ITS VIAREGGIO. The flagship is the ESPS TURIA.

The exercise will end on 24th of May 2014.

 Armando Correia   2014-05-16 09:05:00   184 / 183800;
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