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June 01, 2014
MCE14 - Final Planning Conference

In the frame of EUROMARFOR (EMF) Training Program, Multi Cooperative Exercise (MCE) 14 will be conducted with Royal Moroccan Navy from 09th to 13th of June 14.

A Planning Conference was held with the participation of the Royal Moroccan Navy representatives, COMGRUEUROMARFOR and his staff and EMF Permanent Cell members in Rota Naval Base on 27-28 May 2014. During the conference, the Royal Moroccan Navy and EMF representatives discussed and agreed about the final documents of Multi Cooperative Exercise.

EMF Task Group for this exercise is composing of Spanish frigate ESPS SANTA MARIA (flagship), French destroyer FS MONTCALM and Portuguese frigate NRP VASCO DA GAMA under the command of Captain (N) Domingo Gomez-Pamo Y Guerra Del Rio (Spanish Navy). The Royal Moroccan Navy is participating in this exercise with RMN SULTAN MOULEY ISMAIL, SIGMA class corvette.

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