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June 07, 2014
Ceremony of activation of EUROMARFOR Task Group for MCE14

European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR) was re-activated on 7th June 2014 to participate in the Multicooperative Exercise 2014 (MCE14) with Royal Morrocan Navy.

Captain (N) Domingo Gomez-Pamo Y Guerra Del Rio, from Spanish Navy, was designated the Commander of the EMF Task Group (COMGRUEUROMARFOR).

The ceremony of activation of the force took place in Rota Naval Base, on board of ESPS Santa María, and was presided over by the COMEUROMARFOR, Admiral Santiago Bolíbar Piñero (Spanish Navy). Were present civilian and military authorities and crew members of the ships ESPS Santa María, FS Montcalm and NRP Vasco da Gama.


More photos in the picture gallery.

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