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November 27, 2014
ESPS Navarra Hosts Local Somali Leaders on Board

During the last week EUROMARFOR warship, ESPS Navarra, invited local Somali leaders on board in order to help build relations between the EU Naval Force and the Somali people.

After being welcomed on board, the Somalis were given an insight into the EU’s Operation Atalanta, that is helping to make the seas safer for all seafarers in the region by deterring and disrupting piracy.

Before their departure the Somali visitors were given some food, water, books and pencils.

Meetings such as this help to foster mutual respect and understanding between the EU Naval Force and the Somali people and build stronger relations.

 Armando Correia   2014-11-27 11:11:00   178 / 183800;
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