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March 19, 2024
EUROMARFOR SEA BIT 24-1 exercise takes place with the participation of the four nations Maritime Operations Centers

The SEA BIT 24-1 exercise takes place on the 19th of March with the participation of the EUROMARFOR four nations (France, Italy, Portugal and Spain) Maritime Operations Centers (MOC).

Is an exercise planned and conducted by EUROMARFOR as part of its training program for the Maritime Operations Centre of the four navies, witch the first edition took place in 2018.

The exercise purpose is to promote and enhance strong cooperation between EUROMARFOR Maritime Operations Centers, through an Information Sharing based Exercise, focused on the maritime environment, while considering international security challenges, assuring a common Maritime Situational Awareness.


 EMFPC ORP   2024-03-19 10:30:03   71 / 173070;
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