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May 04, 2024
EUROMARFOR TASK GROUP was activated today in order to participate on the Italian Navy Exercise MARE APERTO 24-1

The activation ceremony was held in Souda Bay, Crete, Greece, at the presence of the COMGRUEUROMARFOR, Captain Marco Stocco, and the Commanding Officers and crews of the EMF Escort units.

The Task Group consists of two frigates, ITS Carabiniere and NRP Bartolomeu Dias. Italy, Portugal and Spain, will also participate with staff personnel under the tactical command the COMGRUEUROMARFOR aboard the flagship ITS Carabiniere.

MARE APERTO 24-1 is designed to enhance interoperability and combat readiness of participating assets in planning and conducting a maritime focused operation in a realistic and multi-domain scenario strengthening assets combat readiness in a multi-threat and multi-dimensional challenging environment, by delivering the full spectrum of warfare and combat activities.

This EMF activation of the Escort Task Group, simultaneously with the ongoing MCM Task Group activation, shows the resolve of EMF nations to strengthen tactical and technical knowledge, as well as enhancing the cooperation between the four navies, thus strengthening the maritime security.


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