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September 17, 2010
EUROMARFOR training with the Moroccan Navy

After participating in the French exercise "Olives Noires",  European Maritime Force (EUROMARFOR) task-group will be in Casablanca (Morocco) for the "Multi Cooperative Exercise-10" that will take place from 23 to 27 of September.

"Multi Cooperative Exercise 10", which runs northwest of Casablanca, aims to promote cooperation among the navies of the countries involved, increasing interoperability, including common procedures and mutual understanding in conducting operations at sea.

During the exercise it will be trained, among others, search and rescue operations, maritime interdiction operations, tactical maneuvering and communications.
EUROMARFOR Task Group berthed in Casablanca will be composed by the Portuguese frigate "Bartolomeu Dias", as the flag ship, and the minehunters "Lyre" from French Navy, "Milazzo from Italian Navy and "Tajo" from Spanish Navy. The Captain (PON) José Mirones will be Task Group Commander for this exercise. The frigate Mohammed V of Morocco's Royal Navy completes the list of vessels taking part in the "Multicooperative Exercise 10".


Note to Editor:
There will be a press conference on 24 September at 17h00 (Casablanca time) on board of the frigate Bartolomeu Dias, berthed at the local Port.
The Media interested should confirm their presence until 17h00 of September 23 to EUROMARFOR Public Relations through contact (351) 91 989 38 78.

EUROMARFOR additional information
EUROMARFOR is a multinational initiative created in 1995 by France, Italy, Portugal and Spain that can be employed in humanitarian and rescue missions, peacekeeping missions and mission of combat forces in crisis management including peacemaking.
Portugal holds command of EUROMARFOR until September 2011, the current EUROMARFOR Commander is Vice-admiral José Carlos Saldanha Lopes,   the Portuguese Navy.


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