Operational COMmander of EUROMARFOR force

Jean-Philippe ROLLAND was born on May the 7th 1964 in Toulon. He is married and the father of three.

He joined the Naval Academy in 1983.

On completion of his education and training course onboard the helicopter carrier “Jeanne d’Arc” he was assigned onboard the amphibious ship “Dumont d’Urville” operating in Polynesia.

Then he took part onboard “L’Estafette” to hydrographic survey, involving the measurement and description of the physical features of the Marquises Archipelago.

In 1988, he was assigned onboard the frigate “Duguay-Trouin” and was associated to operations of protection of the maritime traffic in the Persian Gulf.

In 1989 he took command of the training ship “Panthère”.

Specialized in air defense weapon systems and assigned onboard the Anti-Air Warfare Frigate Jean Bart, he took part in 1992 and for the next three years, to numerous operations related to the Ex-Yugoslavia crisis.

He then joined the team in charge of the operational preparation of the surface fleets of the French Navy.

In 1998, he took command of the frigate “Commandant Bouan” carrying out several surveillance missions in the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1999, Rolland passed the War College entrance exam and was then assigned to the French Navy Headquarters in Paris and contributed as Program Officer to the development of future anti-air missiles and naval cruise missiles.

In 2003, he was assigned onboard the Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle and was in charge of operations. He took part in the missions of air support of forces deployed in Afghanistan.

He took command in 2005 of the frigate “Lafayette”, the first of its class; and carried out anti-terrorism missions in the Indian Ocean as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

In 2007, he was assigned to the head of the Planning –Programing Department of the French Navy Headquarters. He then participated to the 2008-2013 Military Planning Law.

In September 2008, he was allowed into the Centre for Higher Military Studies (CHEM) and the Institute for Higher National Defense Studies, both are stepping stones which prepare officers to serve as key leaders in the armed forces but also in joint force operations and in central administration.

In 2009, he took command of the nuclear powered-aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, leading it into the Indian Ocean in order to support missions in Afghanistan, and then off the Libyan coasts for the military protection of local populations.

After having served for two years as the head of the Cabinet of the Chief of Staff of the French Navy, he was assigned in 2013 at the Defense Staff as Deputy Head of Force Employment. He was appointed to the rank of Rear-Admiral on July the 1st 2017.

On August the 31st 2017, he took command of the Naval Action Force, and was in the meantime elevated to the rank of vice-admiral.

Today, Vice-Admiral Jean-Philippe Rolland is Commander of the National Order of the Legion of Honour and Commander of the National Order of Merit.

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